don't let hard work discourage you on losing your tummy fat, just be consistent and you will get there in no time


These Rules Can Lose Your Tummy Fat

If you want to lose your tummy fat effectively then you should get yourself ready to follow some rules so that you can tone down your tummy. You do not have to be anxious about these rules because they can actually be easy for you to do. You do not have to jog endlessly around on a racetrack or do dozens of sit ups in a day. This is not to imply that doing these exercises are bad but they can just make you waste your time and energy.

For the meantime you have to be aware of the following rules below and start doing them immediately.

You probably have not heard of this but it is mandatory that you include fiber in your meals. People who have no idea how to reduce tummy fat would usually ignore this tip. Fiber is a very huge factor in helping you moderate your diet and reduce body fat and especially in your stomach area. It can help you by filling up your stomach with only a few calories. It also helps you feel full so that you would not have to crave for excess foods. All in all, fiber lets you not only eat less but also the more energetic and it help you eliminate unwanted fats in your belly.

You would have to pack your meals with fiber in order to do this. Experts would advise that each individual get at least 25g of fiber per day. However, that would not be enough if you really want to lose that stomach fat right away. You need to go for a minimum of 22g of fiber in a day. It is actually not difficult to do. It is actually easy as walking outside.

To get started, go through your nearest market and get a can of black beans and 3 pieces of fresh apples. Eat this food combination every day. You would not even have to drop a sweat.

As you include these foods in your meals, you should take note that black beans must be served as a side dish. It is not advisable that you make them the main dish. However, you can always include black beans into any type of meal.

As for eating apples, you can most probably find how to eat them in one day. Just replace your back of starchy chips with apples and you can even eat them before going to bed.

Aside from eating healthy, you should get your body moving. The easiest way to do this is to just walk on the stairs. You can walk on the stairs up and down. You can also walk on the stairs of your home or the building of your office. If the stairs is inaccessible for you then just walk outside for 30 minutes. You can even do it every day and you'll get faster results. This may not seem outrageous but you will get results in the long run. Just try to commit in doing this for a few weeks in you will start seeing results. Knowing how to reduce tummy fat does not have the complicated and you will be able to prove that yourself when you start following all these simple rules.


Watch Out For The Beer To Reduce Your Tummy Fat

There is a popular belief that if you drink alcohol particularly beer, it will go straight to your tummy. This is where the word the beer belly came from. Excessive drinking of alcohol has been perceived to have a close connection to gaining weight and some studies have linked drinking alcohol to have association with the increase of the waist line.

With this said, it is pretty obvious that drinking a lot of alcohol is one of the major causes of gaining weight because it has plenty of calories in it. If you would drink beer often, then you might have to focus on knowing how to reduce tummy fat especially if you have acquired a big beer belly. As your body gets excessive amounts of calories, it puts them in your body as extra fat all over the place. And since our bodies tend to carry more fat in the belly section, you get most of your beer acquired fats in your stomach.

There have been a lot of researches done about the connection of alcohol and gaining weight. Majority of these studies show a connection between drinking alcohol and gaining extra fat. However, there are conflicting evidences on whether drinking alcohol or not really causes gaining of beer belly.

There was even a study of the effect of alcohol consumption on the increase of the waist line of men and women. Three thousand and five hundred men and women were selected randomly and their alcohol consumption habits were studied through questionnaires. The results show that the weekly consumption of alcohol ranges from zero to 1680ML and wine is common the source of alcohol which represents 68% of alcohol consumed. It has been found that drinking of alcohol was strongly associated with the change in waist to hip ratio for men and women. They have concluded that drinking alcohol has an effect on the increase of waist and hip size.

Now that it has been made clear that drinking beer and any type of alcohol can make you gain fat and extra weight. It also comes with having belly fat. First thing that used you should know about how to reduce tummy fat is to remind yourself that you have to decrease the amount of alcohol that you consume. If you are on a weight loss program then you should avoid drinking beer or alcohol completely. Whether or not drinking beer can lead to gaining ugly fat, it is clear that it will lead to gaining weight especially when drinking alcohol causes you to get extra calories. Once you get to this stage, you will get unwanted body fat so you must take action as early as you can.